Tuesday, March 12, 2019


This simple way to draw is a kind of selfcare remedy for me. It enables me to escape this miserable reality around us for a short period of time. When I immerse myself into the task of drawing, I’m in stress free zone where I don’t have to worry anything, regret done past mistakes or put up with tangles of challenging relationships. When I draw, I’m unleashed from all of that and I’m completely free.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

A mistake

One aspect with meditative drawing relates to missteps or miscalculations which doesn’t exist for me. (Accidents are another thing).

When I draw something in a wrong way or put the mark on a wrong spot it’s not so serious, because when working continues and drawing proceeds all wrinkles and irregularities will settle into the overall picture. This is like in real life where all experienced troubles are also shaping the character of each one of us and are part of the life story.

The map

For some people it’s important to know what is it that picture depicts so that they can place this knowledge into the right compartment of their mind. Meditative drawing is based on the rhythm of breathing and drawing. This activity results to some sort of map of the drawing process. Or meditative drawing is a kind of a report of the stress management done by this rhythmic drawing with the pace of exhalation.